Address Munging


Address munging is a way of changing an original email address in to different format,
where the receiver of the email will not be able to recognize the sender of the email. For example if the original email address is moc.liamtoh|kelemxarak#moc.liamtoh|kelemxarak and when it gets munged it will turn out to be m-o-c.l-i-a-m-t-o-h|kelemxarak#m-o-c.l-i-a-m-t-o-h|kelemxarak. If the receiver wants to reply to the sender of the email it will not be possible because the e-mail address has been munged. The munged email address needs to be put in a correct format for the receiver to reply to the sender of the email. It is also a way that people can practise turning email addresses in to a structure that can be understood.

The advantages of address munging is that you would not receive any junk emails or spam.

The disadvantages of address munging is when someone sends email the sender will not see the email address. This may cause difficulty for the people to send e-mail to each other and to communicate.

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