A blackboard is a virtual learning environment provided in many institutions, which serves as a means of collaboration between lecturers and students and also students amongst themselves. Blackboard allows for lecturers to post student lecture notes online in any desired format and also gives the students the privilege of downloading and uploading their work online. This has really enhanced the manner in which academic deliverables are admitted in institutions today.

Strengths and weaknesses of blackboard

Just like all other technologies, blackboard also has provided benefits to academia and also has its flaws.
Blackboard allows easy communication of academic materials between the students and lecturers. It also provides all who use it the convenience of using it from any location and users must not be physically present in a location to collaborate. This provides a bit of flexibility for all the involved parties.
But it is also important to note amidst these advantages there are also some problems associated with it such as inability for people to access it due to disruptions in Internet connectivity as it a virtual service, which is hosted online.

Example of a blackboard

You can click on the link at to view an example of one at my university.


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