What is Copyleft?

Copyleft is general method of making a program free for users who have problems getting what they want from the internet because of authors making their products a copyright only. Copyleft is the path way, which gives the user licensing power to modify and reproduce Copyright content. This allows the public retain the freedom to use, modify, extend and redistribute all created work produced by original users. Napstar is a site where you can download music and video for free on this site. Downloading songs and images is totally free with Copyleft licensing. Copyright and Copyleft keep a balance with the certain amount of restrictions they give to a user and their products.

Copyleft licensing

When a user is trying to copy relevant information from a personal website, most likely information, images or music are stored as copyright data because of its author. Filling in the Copyleft licensing form, the user will be able to gain access to the restricted data that has the copyright protection over it for free.

How you would create a license

The basic areas that a license would cover are:

• Release of Rights: he release of rights is where actions that are normally stop maybe let through, depends on the conditions applied.

• Commercial Use: Commercial use is basically giving permission to the user that the copy written subject can be used within projects

• Derivative Works: Derivative work allows gives the user permission to adapt and make changes to the work.

• Distribution and Copying: Distribution and Copying basically allows the author to see how many times the work has been copied and
where it’s been distributed according to the license. In the situation of Copyleft works, the copyright owner will usually give permission
to others to distribute copies of the work only if they include the original license; this is often referred to as a share alike license.

An example would be the user would be able to download two different songs from a site and mix them together, which means that user have modified the song.

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