E-mail Spoofing

Email spoofing or E-mail spoofing is the term used to describe e-mail sent to a user anonymously in the form of an official e-mail representing important information or potential virus infection through e-mail download.

How it works

Hackers and crackers around the world decide to create an e-mail which could possibly read information a user types or in the e-mail, a computer-virus, usually known as a worm is installed on a user's computer without their knowledge and can cause havoc instead. The latter can usually happen if the user clicks on a link or attachment that they are not sure of, although there are cases where these worms install themselves without a user doing anything except open the e-mail.

Types of spoofing

Information capture

When an infected e-mail is accessed foolhardily (either accidental or on purpose), which ever worm was attached to it, then has the possibility to install itself on a computer and capture command input from a user. Then every so often, this information is sent to the worm creator for them to maliciously use the information gathered.

Worm installation for havoc

As stealing personal information off a computer is a criminal activity, most hackers use the worms they create as mischief makers, causing problems for an unsuspecting user. They usually offer pop-up advertisements and are really difficult to remove as they can bury themselves quite deep into a computer's main directory system.

Signs of spoofing

Unknown sender e-mail address
Unreadable/unstructured language


E-mail filtering/Anti-virus detection
Setting junk mail preferences
Manual deletion


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