An extranet is almost like an intranet, except that it can only accessed to selected parties. External parties like business partners, suppliers, and important customers for example can use the extranet for the exchange of data and applications and also can be used to pass on information.

For security reasons, it is important that access to the extranet is kept restricted, and only given to those who you require to gain access. It would help if it is protected with a thorough identification policy, and a quality security system should be installed.


  • The Extranet allows users to access it from outside the organisation. Making this an advantage to staff that works out of office, from home.
  • It can help in improving relationships with main or potential customers by giving them correct, precise and efficient information.
  • It helps in improve company efficiency and output by automating procedures that were done manually in the past. Automation can also decrease the scope of mistake.


  • Extranets can be costly to apply and maintain within an organization.
  • One of big problem is the protection of extranets when dealing with precious information.
  • It can lead to a decrease in personal face-to-face contact with clients and business partners which may result to a lack of communication between employees, clients and organization.


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