First Person Shooter


First Person Shooter is basically a type of genre from a video game. This kind of video games are mainly focused on avatars that uses gun and other combat weapons in a first person point of view, so you can choose an avatar and play the game in the first person view, normally you would take control of the character and do different missions by shooting enemies . Whereas, the third person point of view enables users play the game from the side or from the back which is not regarded as a first person shooter and usually referred as a third person shooter (TPS). This genre had originally fallen under the category of actions games with releases such as Wolfenstein 3D and 1998 Half Life game by Valve but recently FPS has become used in telling stories that involve no action or to make the player feel a certain emotion for example the game called Slender by parsec production. These types of games have become quite dominate in multiplayer games as well as story telling games or Role Playing Games (RPG).
With innovation in consoles First Person Shooter can be played on PC, Macintosh and all other consoles such as the XBox 360 or the Playstation 3.


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