Friending Definition

Friending is all about making meaningful connections using social network sites, such as Facebook and MySpace.

Urban Dictionary Definition of ‘Friending’

The act of requesting someone to be your friend on, in which they can accept or reject you. If they accept, you can look at their page, but if they reject, you cannot see their page.
Person1: Im "friending" Lisa on facebook right now, i hope she accepts!
Person2: Oh im going to "friend" her when i get home as well!

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Friending in Business Environment

Consumers are making connections with brands in social networks. This “Friending” with corporation’s is having enormous implications in the advertising world. People do not like organisations spamming them; instead they want organisations to be their friend. People now are engaging with brands and referring their products and services. This is an economic potential in advertising and in reducing the middleman.


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