Is an email system that can be used for sending and receiving email free using gmail that is provided by Google.

Gmail features


Free 7GB storage is provided by Gmail and additional storage can be rented by users.

Spam filter

Is used to identify email that users has marked as a spam so that similar information will be treated by the system and prevent other users getting the same spam.

Gmail mobile

Any mobile phones that has internet connection, the user will have access to their mail free if registered with Gmail email services.


Gmail can be used to search for exact messages or words for example the Gmail search button can find the exact word (stop) and not sotp. Normally if you type and there is grammatical error Google search engine will give you alternative results.


Gmail sevices use Hypertext transfer protocol to secure users communicating which allow Gmail account holders to have encrypted communication and free of internet hijacking.

Google Buzz

Gmail provide Google Buzz for users to share their photos and videos. User can create a blog and all invited friends can view the blog and contribute to the topic suggested.

How to create a gmail account


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