GNU Project


The GNU project was initiated with the concept of making free operating system software available. It was launched in 1984 and it is Unix based.

The nature of GNU usage

  1. Using the software, users have the freedom to run and save the program for any purpose they require it for.
  2. The concept of the freedom of the GNU project is that it allows people to use their skills to work on the software, which can lead to improvement and also share these improvement to the public, which can be referred to a community of practice.
  3. The GNU project encourages free share, which enable users to redistribute copies to their neighbours legally and without charge.

Copy right and licences

Copy right law allows GNU copy right holders an enormous control over the copying and redistribution of work. This concepts gives users the right to copy and distribute but it prevents them from putting restrictions in what they distribute. This is known as copy left.



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