Cloud Computing

An Introduction to Cloud Computing

Cloud computing in its core has been around for nearly as long as we've been using the web as a day-to-day tool. It is essentially using services which aren't installed locally on our system, but rather on some remote server out there somewhere on the web. Email services, such as Hotmail and Gmail, have been providing us with cloud based solutions for a long time. Sending others (or yourself) files via email in order to gain access to them from any internet accessible system has been a common habit of most users since these services were initially introduced. In recent years though bandwidth (upload and download) has increased, the cost of computer hardware (including memory, processors and storage) has dramatically decreased, and the technical capabilities of the web has intensely evolved allowing us as users to perform tasks on the web which in the past we could usually on do by installing dedicated software on our system.

What is Cloud Computing?

Some Examples of Cloud Computing Services

Pixlr - "The most advanced, online image editor in the world!"

Dropbox - Online file storage

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