Google Android

What is Google Android?

Google Android is an operating system used mainly mobile phones which use software to operate the phone. The android system is one of the best technologies ever invented by man. This system is basically imbedded in smart phones and any technology phone i.e. HTC phone. The beauty about having this technology is that you can surf the internet like you’re your surfing it on a desktop or laptop.

Features of an Android

View Google maps and also use GPRS

Browse the internet, installed with a web kit system

Use applications to help user with activates, Microsoft applications

Handset layouts: using more graphics compare to other phones

Storage: uses SQLite to store all of its information in its memory

Connectivity: using Bluetooth and WIFI for wireless connection

Messaging: SMS and MMS are available using the android, the best thing about this is that you can use threading text meaning you can send more then just one text to make a decent conversation

Example of devices using Google Android

HTC Desire: this device has WIFI which use wireless internet connection, this allows using Google maps to help users search for destinations

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