Google Answers


Google Answers is a search engine but instead of just searching, experienced users do not always find the in depth answers to their research therefore the users ask researchers to help them find the answers for them.


Google answer works like an online shop where the customers pays money to the merchant for a product, in Google Answers case the user submits a question for the researcher to use their expertise to find the relevant answers, they user will also discuss on paying a fee for the researcher's time.

Users do not get charged when they post a question they only get charged when they receive the product, which is the answer from the researcher. Everyone can view the questions and answers and can help blog their opinions and enter links to help to further the user’s research.

If you compare it to it works quite similarly in viewing products without having to log in and viewing invoices by logging in. You don’t have to log in to view questions and answers but if you want to post a comment or blog you will have to sign up for an account, you can also give answers to people questions but you would not get paid instead you will just give answers to give a helping hand.

You can claim money back and receive full refund if you e-mail your reason because it’s not all the time we are satisfied with what we get. Google asks for a good reason because the researchers go through a rigorous test before they are recruited so the best researchers were working for Google.

Google Answers only lasted for 4 years sadly, even though the researchers enjoyed what they were doing but Google did not promote Google Answers as well as they can to push the more customers in trying out the new system. It’s another case as Google Wave as poor promotion has made the system non-existent. They collected 25% of the researcher's money that has been agreed by the user including tips as well as half the money they received per question.


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