Google Buzz

Definition of Goggle Buzz

Google Buzz is an application that integrates your Google Mail account with a number of social network tools, such as Twitter, Flickr, Goggle Reader, Picasa, YouTube, etc. It allows you to share pictures, videos, blog posts, status message and comments direct from your Gmail account. [1]

Getting On Buzz

Google Buzz works like a Blog. You can follow people and people can follow you. A post made by you will be shared among all your followers. You can post anything, although you can attract more followers if you have interesting ideas to share. [2]

You can watch a video presentation bellow to get familiarized with the tool:

Best Buzz Features

Buzz has many features embedded – for instance you can connect Flickr photo album into your Buzz account so that every time you upload a picture into Flickr, an automatic post to Buzz will occur. And this will happen with all other social networking sites linked to your Buzz. Here are some of the best features:

Location Awareness: This built in feature uses mobile GPS to lock coordinates into points into a given location [4]. For instance, whenever you send a message using Buzz from LSBU, your followers will recognize the location, knowing from where you are sending it. You could tweet to your followers saying “Great Holidays”, and they would automatically recognize that you might be in a paradise island (if it has mobile coverage).

Gmail Inbox Integration: You can have access your main social network comments and shares straight into your Gmail inbox.

Filtering: Google Buzz helps users to filter contents relevant to you. Posts are filtered by an algorithm similar used in the search engine.

Other nice Buzz features include automatically page refresh, easy recommendation, and public or private sharing [5].

Buzz Statistics

You can have statistics on how you or your friends buzz, such as who is “buzzing” you, or from where your followers come from. [6]

An example on how the statistics[7] would show:



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