Google Labs

What is Google Labs

Google Labs is a social space where the users of Google can test the prototypes of Google's different projects.


Users are allowed to do testing so that they can provide feedback to the creators who will modify it present a next prototype for users to test and provide more feedback so that a next prototype can be presented. The process continues until the project is considered for implantation into or removed from the lab not to be used again.

What Google gains

By allowing its users to have such involvement plus interaction with the creation of their software, they help to increase their brand loyalty and ensure that their finished software meets the needs of their users. Google Labs have lead to the development of such google services like Google maps, Google mail (gmail)and Google calendar.


Here is an example of Google Lab which is still being developed its called fast flip it allows user to view the front page read the heading of different new articles which they might like to read [].

Spiral model

The use of prototype and testing at different stages is a method of software development called a spiral model. It was using this method of software development that resulted in the creation of Google software such as Gmail and iGoogle.

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