Google Sites


Google Sites is a web-site and wiki creating tool which allows users to share and exchange files.

The features and use of Google Sites

Google sites are free to make an account and are very useful. It uses applications that do not need to be downloaded to the users system, but instead allows the users to add, and edit information to newly created pages and to add to current working pages. This is a great tool which can be used for many purposes including educational and business training purposes.

Google sites have helped many students and business people in that it has given them a space to create and store their work – and also to be able to share their work with other people. This is of great benefit for companies – as many companies, most in fact, use computers on a daily basis – and this goes along with the new technological world in which we live in. You can access and edit and save the information which are featured on these websites anywhere in the world – another great benefit for business people who may travel on a regular basis.

Google sites could be of great financial benefit to many organisations too. Many organisations that used to have to rent large spaces for servers and backup systems may not have to anymore – if they use Google sites. It could also save organisations costs because they don’t need to buy software, etc.

You can create a website from scratch or use a template. With the templates already made it also helps to save time – which is of great value to many companies. If people sign up for the premium Google sites they could also get many more great features which include: Gmail, calendar, Google Docs and Google Talk.


Google sites have been a great invention which has benefited many people in many different ways. It is getting increasingly popular and the uses of Google sites are constantly improving. It can help save time and help save money – both of which are appealing to many people.


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