How To Edit Pages - Quickstart

If you are allowed to edit pages in this Site, simply click on edit button at the bottom of the page. This will open an editor with a toolbar pallette with options.

To create a link to a new page, use syntax: [[[new page name]]] or [[[new page name | text to display]]]. Follow the link (which should have a different colour if the page does not exist) and create a new page and edit it!

Although creating and editing pages is easy, there are a lot more options that allows creating powerful sites. Please visit Documentation pages to learn more.

Don't be scared about editing. A wiki is meant to be edited and any pages that we don't want edited - like this one for example - are protected so you can't spoil anything!

If you want to try out some editing before you let yourself loose on the wiki, then you can do that in the sandbox-page.

Have fun!

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