Wiki Peer Review


Peer review is carried out by fellow students. In this example the peer review is of the two wiki terms you selected. Read through both of your wikis and decide which one you think is the best. That is the one you should ask to be peer reviewed.

How to carry out the peer review

The wiki you are reviewing should be read through carefully. Compare it to this wiki for formatting and layout and look at other good examples of wikis. Once you have read it though decide which of the following criteria match it most closely.


Very Good

This is a professional attempt, the spelling and grammar are excellent with no errors. It conforms to wiki formatting standards. The ideas are well thought out and interesting. A proper argument has been made. There are links to other resources and it is properly referenced.


This attempt has no obvious errors and the formatting is sound and readable. The work makes sense and has some good ideas but it isn't perfect. There are minor flaws. There might not be links to other resources for example.


There are very few obvious errors and the formatting is readable and pleasant but may have some small issues. There might be punctuation and grammar problems but nothing major.

Needs some more work

There are several obvious errors and it isn't easy to understand. The formatting needs some more work on it and the ideas are disjointed and not easy to follow. There are no other resources and the references are very limited or non existent.

Needs quite a lot of work

There is very little done and what is there is difficult to read. There will be many mistakes in spelling and punctuation and the work might not be very attractive to look at.

Not done

There has been no effort to carry out the task at all. For example, there might be a page created with the title and nothing more.

Filling in the Weekly Tasks Sheet

The person whose work you have reviewed will give you access to their task sheet. Fill in your grade and put your lsbu username in the reviewer's name column. You can write comments if you wish. But do not fill in the final marks column as this is for Aziz and Xristine to fill in.

Thank you for carrying out the peer review.

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