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Imageshack is a website established in 2003 by Jack Levin. The site hosts various forms of online media, such as images, movies and flash files. The aim of the site appears to be to provide a space where people can share media others.


Imageshack stores the images on their website into 15 main categories after which they are broken down into smaller sub categories. They also have a search text box to allow user to search for an item using key word which may be relevant. The website recently had a problem with spammers and worked with anti spamming groups to rectify the problem. The site has number of why in which user can have a link to the photos which are available, it allows for the photos available to be embed as a thumbnail or as a image.


Imageshack is free to use it has a feature that allow user to create an account, which can make keeping track of the files in which they have uploaded easier. Creating an account is an optional feature it is possible for people to us the site without having an account. Whiles Imageshack is free it does have a premium service which people can pay for via PayPal which can be cancelled at any time. The premium service grants the user privileges which are not available to the free service users such as unlimited bandwidth and 10 megabyte per image limit instead of 5.
Whiles the company does have a premium service their main source of income is more likely to come from advertising via viral marketing.

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