A world wide interconnection of computers originally designed for the US army in the 1960’s. It was meant to network their systems at their pentagon headquarters. However the internet needed to be properly developed and new technologies found. Even though the major public launch of the internet was in the 90’s the technology and ability was available before. Through that decade the internet grew and took over the world by the turn of the century. Micro technology had enabled it to become ten times and powerful.
These days the internet is fully integrated into society. The government, businesses, the public and military depend on it. Without it the world would stand still as it is a key point in sharing, sending and obtaining information, more than half our communication we to these days is through internet and with every message being sent instantly it make time and distance obsolete.
However the internet is a very hard place to restrict or govern it remains free for hackers and malicious behaviour to take place. Many people have fallen victim to all kinds of phishing and “cyber attacks”. However a large amount of people think it should stay this way and argue this is the only place where you can truly express yourself and find opinions not restricted by the government.

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