An iPad is a tablet computer which was launched by Apple in April 2010. It has revolutionized the technology market and helped launch many different tablets off its back.

At the present moment we are up to the 4th generation iPad and the iPad mini – which is a lot smaller and a lot easier to transport around. The interface is built around the touch screen – and it has the same look and feel any Apple device – the same look and interface as the iPod Touch and iPhone.


The iPad can store and play music – it can access the iTunes Music Store when it has an internet connection. It can also take and store photographs, it can record and playback videos, you can access emails and the internet and you can even use FaceTime to talk to other people on Apple devices using the built-in webcam.

The iPad, like other Apple products allows you download Apps. iTunes excels in the app store department – boasting that it has over a million different apps. These apps could be used a number of different things – from games, to photography, from helping you with work.

The iPad comes in a few different varieties – not only in the normal iPad and the iPad Mini – but in different sized memories. You can get them in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. They are also available in Wi-Fi and with cellular data – so you can use it with a sim card on the go.

The iPad also comes with 2 built-in cameras – one on the front for taking self-portrait pictures and for video chatting and one on the back for taking pictures. The photography apps on the iTunes have really improved – and they are now including some of the best features for photographers.



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