Definition of iPhone

The iPhone is a mobile communication device made by apple. It is the phone version of the popular Ipod music player. First realised on June 29, 2007 now in its fourth generation it has become one of the most popular Smartphones around. Setting president for screen size and shape which we can see giving influence to rival companies such as HTC, Nokia, Kin, etc.


iPhones come with an abundance of features used in the form of apps, which either come with the phone or can be bought from the apps store. The apps store can be accessed through a computer or directly through the iPhone. These basic apps include: video and still camera, visual voicemail, weather, SMS messaging, international time, calendar, web browsing, email, etc. Many more can also be bought with many different features or games mostly mad by third parties.


iPhone uses a touch screen for all its main input. It has very little physical buttons as nearly all of its features can be used from the touch screen. The main physical button is known as the home button which takes you to the main home screen from any app. It also has a sleep button which can be used to make the screen black as well as turning the iPhone on and off. The iPhone can be forced to reset by holding both the sleep and home buttons simultaneously for a few seconds. On the side of the iPhone is volume buttons with a switch to turn the iPhone silent. Another input is to shake the iPhone which has different uses depending on the app its used in an example of this is a shake can shuffle a song on iPod app when being used. Turning the iPhone in portrait or landscape directions will change the screen in accordance.


(Image from http://www.ubergizmo.com/2010/07/iphone-4-review/)

Text can also be put in through a virtual keyboard that appears whenever needed the iPhone has spell check and auto correct for some words. You can also cut, paste and edit words from any text in accessible in the iPhone.
There are also many sensors to change display brightness to save power when not fully in use.


Apples mobile devices iPhone, iPod and iPad all use the iOS software. This is similar to the version used in Apples latest mac computers. Software is always changed and updated using the iTunes software also made by Apple.

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