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Ipod is a portable media player that was introduced by Apple an multinational corporation that designs and develops and sells consumer electronics. It was released on 10th November 2001, but it has been continuously updated with the most recent being updated on 12th September 2012. There are four different ipod’s that are currently available to users the iPod Shuffle- which is designed as an ultra-compact player, iPod Nano the compact player, The ipod Touch the touchscreen player and the ipod classic the hard drive based. All of these iPod’s can be served as external data storage devices. However it all depends on the Storage capacity as they range from 2GB for the Ipod Shuffle to 160GB to the ipod classic.
Apple iTunes software can be used to transfer music, photos, videos, games etc to the devices supporting these features from computers using certain versions of apple mac’s and Microsoft windows operating system.


Apple launched their first iPod media player on 23 October 2001. It currently has released four different types of iPods and has new versions of the devices every year. iPod Classic is a chunky device that has a large storage space allowing up to 160 GB of media, it was designed for people that want carry all their media in one device, and with this device they can.

IPod Shuffle is the smallest of all iPods and it is very compact, it is aimed for people who just want to listen to music, it is without an interface or choosing the music you want to listen to as the best thing about the iPod Shuffle is that it allows you to continuously paly your songs on shuffle. It is affordable and has 15 hours of battery life, highly because of no battery needed for a screen. The storage space is 2 GB which allows you to put over 100 songs.

IPod Nano and iPod touch are the next generation of media players as it runs applications and has touch sensor screens, iPod Nano is very compact it uses the same technology as the other products by apple the iPhone and iPad. It is a breakthrough in technology as you can use this small device to carry out intelligent tasks like tap and swipe functions to navigate through different pages and applications. It has an aluminum body and users can choose the colour of the device as it has seven different colours choices.

iTouch is has the mechanics that iPhone and iPad run on but it does not have the heavy price tag as it is less than half price than the premium models, it enables users to download applications such as games, films and e-books and it collaborates with other iTouch’s for multiplayer gaming via Bluetooth, some applications such as WhatsApp allows you to send text messages for free therefore a mobile phone isn’t required to send texts and it saves your text credit on your monthly allowance.

A man that could be named as the father of the Ipod is Tony Fadell. He was a former employee of General Magic and Phillips who wanted to have a better mp3 player.


To put photos, music and videos into your iPod you have to sign up to iTunes, iTunes is your media library which allows files from your computer to be uploaded onto iTunes then transfers to your iPod, therefore you do not have to worry about updating playlists manually and individually like drag files from one folder to another, this is a time saving feature for iTunes.

The iTunes application allows users to download applications such as games from the internet and synchronize it to the iPod that is if the internet does not respond on the device and does not allow you to download any applications.

iPhone and iPad use the same functions as iPod it’s just that iPhone is an integrated phone that runs on the iPod software and the iPad is a centralised media device that also runs the iPod software, they are both similar to the iTouch.



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