Is Twitter and social networking changing journalism


Twitter is a social networking tool which helps anyone with its account to get contacts and above all deliver messages to their followers’ mobiles or pages as headlines text alerts which are known as “tweets” with a 140-character limitation. This paper will examine the impact of this tool in the journalism field as it’s obvious that technology has changed us in the way we communicate, work, socialize or going about our daily lives. The Journalists who have been till recently the only gatekeepers of information, have seen a remarkable change in their work with the web giving anyone willing to participate a power and a meaning to post a message. The information and reporting are no longer pushed to us as before and this is due to the apparition of the technologies of the internet and specially Twitter and blogs. Because the web has set the information free, journalists don’t own anymore the information and we are witnessing an increasing number of people involved in the “citizen journalism” and more readers have become online editors. The question that needed to be answered is whether twitter and social networking are changing journalism?

Yves Kayembe

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