This is a software application originally created by iTunes in aiding digital media for users, it operates and functions as a media player that be used for videos, music, photos, and games. It is compatible with both Macs and Windows operating system. As a result of its vast popularity, it’s known to be used by more Windows users than MAC. Most iTunes users have the ability to share files over a network, although this was compromised by hackers. In 2009 it was included in the home sharing function, therefore allowing users easily sharing files over the network, and not just play them.


ITunes was originally introduced by Apple in January 2001for the MAC operating system. A Windows version was later added in April of 2003. The newest edition is the version 10.2, which is available for download for MAC OS X version 10.5 / Windows XP or later on apples website. This was released in September 2010. The latest version has features which include the integration of iTunes Ping, which tries s to bring a social factor to the whole ITunes experience.

The current CEO, Steve Jobs unveiled a new logo, one without the former trademark iTunes CD logo because of the popularity of iTunes downloads. Unfortunately, the new logo has received a very poor reception from the users of the application as most of them preferred the old logo that had iTunes as the application for a decade.


ITunes has features that allow users purchase and manage audio and video files on a personal computer, users can their music into playlists, purchase music and videos through its built in music store download free podcast. Users can back up songs unto a CD or DVD. Users can run visualize displaying graphical effects in time to the music and encoding music in formats.

A screenshot of the iTunes interface:

The equalizer dialog as seen in the photo let users adjust the sound to their liking.
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ITunes store

The version 4 of the iTunes introduced the iTunes store, previously names the iTunes music store. ITunes users can buy and download songs, videos for use on limited number of computers and an unlimited number of iPods. ITunes accounts for 70% of worldwide online digital music sales, making the service the largest legal music retailer.

Systems requirements

In order to operate the iTunes users will need at least one of these systems:
• A Macintosh hardware
• A Macintosh software
• Windows hardware
• Windows software.

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