The Kinect is a wireless game device made for the XBOX 360 by Microsoft to enhance the gaming entertainment experience. Some people will be familiar with the Kinect being given the code name project Natal in the early stages of production.

Kinect uses a web cam add on as a peripheral which can be directly connected to the Xbox 360 console device, and it allow game users to interact and manipulate without the need to use a control pad. This is achieved by users performing natural user actions and spoken command languages.


Originally launched in North America on November 4, 2010 Kinect was then released in Europe on November 10 2010 and later released November 18-20 2010, for other parts of the world.

Available purchase options come with a game bundle named Kinect adventures and customers where given choice of either 4GB or the much larger 250 GB.

Originally project-milo was first created in order to be used with the Microsoft Xbox Kinect peripherals but this was later scraped due to people's concerns over privacy issues.


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