Levelling up or to level up generally means to move up to be of the same stage as a project or a work, but in term of the role of games is the measurement and it’s been used to know how well a player or the user of the game has played or is playing in that particular game. I would take the Dungeons & Dragons as an example this is a type of a fantasy game with the old time settings and in this particular game levelling up implies that the user or player has had required experience or knowledge to proceed to the upper level which this would give the character in the game more power and the stage would be more harder that the lower one which he/she succeeded.

The levels are more complicated when the users going to the upper stage because the character would be battling enemies with dangerous enemies and he/she would need bigger and more effective weapons. The levels are related with the class character which is the class as mentioned earlier which has to do with the higher the level the harder the game.

The term levelling is being referred to in situation whereby a character which is been used the player or user is increased in class level and earned more skills points and bonus points and as well as new skills or abilities to do more tactics.

The levelling up or to level up in the game term is whereby users or characters boost their accounts, their guide of strategy, and the currency which would help in boosting up their gaming skills. There are some various websites on the internet which provides services as giving users of games like World of Warcraft, Diablo, Lord of the Rings, Ever Quest and much more to get gold, platinum account that would enable them to get more amour and weapons.

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