Line Hunting

Line hunting is a telephone term that refers to the methodology of distributing phone calls from one telephone number to several other phone lines. To be more specific, it is the process to select which line will receive the call, it can even be identified as not only a process but an algorithm.

There are many other hunting terms, such as:

Multi-level Hunting

This is a feature which allows multiple telephone lines going into a building to act as a single group or "hunt" group. This is a somewhat more complex form of call forwarding, for example, if the line called is busy then the call goes to another line which is free, however if there are no open lines then the caller will get a busy signal instead.

Linear Hunting

Linear hunting is where calls are delivered to the lowest-numbered available line, another term for this is serial hunting. Calls are always delivered to the first line unless the phone line is busy, if so then the next remaining lines are checked for availability. This configuration is often found in small business firms, but Linear hunting can cause problems in businesses with automated equipment. For example, if a destination fails on a lower numbered line, then this will disrupt a lot of incoming calls.



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