Listserv - The first electronic mailing list software.

1984 - BITNIC LISTSERV - Ira Fuchs, Daniel Oberst, and Ricky Hernandez (manual subscribe/unsubscribe)
1986 - Revised LISTSERV - Eric Thomas (automated subscribe/unsubscribe)

When e-mail is addressed to a LISTSERV mailing list, it is automatically broadcast to everyone who has subscribed to the list.

SUBSCRIBE listname yourfirstname yourlastname — subscribe to a list; plug in the actual name of the list and your name
SIGNOFF listname — unsubscribe from a specific list; plug in the actual name of the list you wish to drop
SIGNOFF * (NETWIDE — unsubscribe from all LISTSERV lists netwide
SET listname ACK — tells the list that you want to receive a confirmation message when you post to the list (this is the default setting for most lists)
SET listname NOACK — tells the list not to send you a confirmation message when you post to the list
SET listname NOMAIL — tells the list to stop mail delivery to you; this command temporarily suspends mail without unsubscribing you from the list — useful when you're going off on vacation. When you return, use the SET listname MAIL command to resume delivery.
SET listname MAIL — tells the list to resume sending mail to you.
SET listname DIGEST — tells the list to send you a digest of the list, rather than individual messages as they are posted.
SET listname NODIGEST — tells the list to turn off digest delivery; you'll once again receive messages as they are posted.

Originally a free product LISTSERV is now commercially available from L-Soft (A company formed by Eric Thomas in 1994). There is also a free version available via the L-Soft website. The free version has limited functionality.
Other mailing list software has since been created and offered as freeware.

The term LISTSERV is sometimes incorrectly used as a general term for mailing list servers.

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