A 'Mashup' is the selection of a particular part or piece of music/video/image to combine with another selection of a particular piece of music/video/image and is repeated until the desired outcome is achieved.


Audio Mashup

An audio mashup is the mixing and modification of 2 or more audio files synchronously or asynchronously to create a single audio file.

Video Mashup

A video mashup is the mixing and modification of 2 or more video files synchronously to create a single video.

Image Mashup

An image mashup is the mixing and modification and merging of 2 or more images to create a single image.

Copyright Infringement

The problem which arises with Mashups' is the infringement on copyright laws. Majority of Mashups' take already existing content to be merged with other content and this is in direct conflict of copyright laws and plaguerism.


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