Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment in short “MOODLE” was developed by Martin Dougiamas a scholar with the aim of using it as an e-learning source for education and training purposes via online tools. The Moodle is open source software that is made up of varies elements to it. It’s fairly new, with its first realised version making its official mark in 2002.
The Success of Moodle
Moodle is now a well-known online education platform currently used by well over 57 users worldwide. One of the most outstanding futures of Moodle is the way it allows users to interact with the group providing the e-resources and the learners’ for the purpose of education and training in its Virtual learning environment “VLE”. It offers courses in a wide range of language, and communication via its members is easily done through its forum.
What makes it unique is the idea of having all the required resources and inks to any material that is relevant to the learners needs. If a learner required some software download for their learning, the same site points them in the right direction, making easier and most important of comfortable, moreover learner get a bit distorted when they have to leave a page to search for resources.
With its success over the past ten years, Moodle will continue to surpass any limits beyond Martin’s imagination. Its Portal is a great selling point to all those learners using it. It’s easy on the eye, and a treasure in knowledge.

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