Definition of MyFarm

Myfarm is a Facebook game similar to other FaceBook games whereby users logged on to FaceBook can play the game by logging in.

FaceBook online users can use MyFarm to design their desired virtual farm then they can do whatever they want to make money.

The Use of myFarm

Most of the users use MyFarm to make money by planting the crops then rising and harvesting them and then selling them to other FaceBook users it is not only planting crops but users are also able to plant fruit trees, raise them in the ways they would like then harvest them and sell them to any registered online user.

When MyFarm is harvested properly the user can sell them to any FaceBook registered user.

MyFarm has more than 30k monthly active users on Facebook and it rates as 3.3 out of 5, each months the monthly active users increases and as one of the surveys stated that it will rate 4 out of 5 in the next two years as it is growing so fast.

They are now planning to upgrade myFarm to myFarm2 using the new mySafari engine game. the development of the new myFarm2 will include new items whereby users can get more crops and sell them, and some more enhancement to the current features.

How to enter into myFarm

  1. The user has to design his/her own Easter themed farm
  2. You should then take snapshots of the design at least two no more than that, using Snap Features
  3. You should then set caption of the SnapShot you took earlier.
  4. You should then create an account in the forum and try to log in

- creating a forum you should be connected with Facebook

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