Open Source


The meaning of Open Source is that after a product is produced any person can access it and change and use it as they wish. Open Source can be used for programmer development and producers on different kind of topic. Also Open Source is a term that applies in copyright issues.

Open Source are kinds of program and software that allow users to accessible those source code in to the programming, also allows user to see source code like adding, changing into the coding were accessible to the public. Also it can be used in web site development for coding to build a website.

The main concept about Open Source is only available to those people who are authorizing to use and also have right to use. For xample for LSBU Blackboard website were only those people can used who are full member of the LSBU such as full student. Another example of Internet Explorer website is that only the Microsoft people can access to this code to make changes or adding.

The advantages of Open Source are:

• User can add or created by any time, anywhere if there have right software and right to access.
• Open Source has some kind of security were protect from number of user.

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