Open Office


Open office is an application program which is mainly use for presentation, spreadsheets, graphics and word processing. it was developed the comapany named Oracle Corporation and some others in collaboration. This application is an open-source which allow users to utilize it with different platforms. its most known to users as OOo and its free for the users which they don't have to purchase and as well its licensed-free so any individual can distribute the application at no cost.


Open office supports the most available operating system which includes: Mac OS X, Unix, Microsoft Windows and Linux. The application supports over 110 languages which its more than enough for the users. It was Startdivision which implemented it as a software application to legally own which is how the german company created it to suite an Oracle program which is used for creating PDF and Flash formats.


Styles and Formatting: Open office has it showcases the style and format window which allows the users to uses various styles and format, because its an open source application, the usercan use equation tools, spelling and language modules and very good feature like word complete, just like our mobile phone when we are texting.

Custom Shapes: The open office supports custom shapes, these allows the users to shapes like arrows cross-sectional shapes and also users can change how the shape looks.

Slide Transition and Animation Effects: The application has enables users to apply effect to their presentation giving it a more of a professional view.

Mail Merge: This is an outstanding feature which allows the users to send a document which was create in the application or an email to hundreds of receipients.

Here is a video link which guides you in the downloading and installation of the application program.

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