Personal Message (PM)


A Personal Message, often abbreviated to PM, is a function found on forums, message-boards, chat-rooms and social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter that allows users to communicate with one another privately by sending direct text-based messages that other users do not have access to(PHPBB, n.d; Facebook, n.d; Twitter, n.d.).


As Personal Messages allow users to communicate privately, this means that information sent between the relevant parties is secure. This means that information that the users choose to share, including phone numbers, email addresses or photographs remain outside the public domain.
Some forum platforms now provide administrators with access to private messages. Mybb for example offers a plugin to administrators to read private messages sent between members. The creation of this plugin brought up questions on the Mybb website about users personal data & notifying users in the disclaimer that their private messages could be read.


Examples of private messaging can be found on almost public communicaton platform. Sites where you may find this service would include industry leaders such as Facebook and Twitter.
Several music streaming services such as Spotify also provide similar services where you can send a song idea to a friend, accompanied by a short message - and this remains private.
Instant messaging clients like Yahoo Messenger or MSN have this function when partaking in conference chats.
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