Peter Douglas Molyneux

Peter Douglas Molyneux was born May 5, 1959 in England. It is intended for the game industry for the British computer game. Is the creation of games is well known, in terms of population, and black and white, Dungeon Keeper many others as well as games such as the creation of the park lately, and role-playing adventure Fable Fable II. All his success in the gaming industry, whether monetary, financial and reputation for the issuance of enthusiastic descriptions of games in development that were less ambitious in some respects, if they were released. It was the most famous of the myth, which was released in 2004 without many of the functions that Molyneux said in an interview during development. After his release of the game he publicly apologized for the overhyping the game.

Molyneux entered the Hall of Fame controversy in 2004 and was awarded the Medal of Honor British Empire in the New Year on December 31, 2004

• “Fusion (1987) (designer/programmer)
• Populous (1989) (designer/programmer)
• Powermonger (1990) (designer/programmer)
• Populous II: Trials of the Olympian Gods (1991) (designer/programmer)
• Syndicate (1993) (producer)
• Theme Park (1994) (project leader/lead programmer)
• Magic Carpet (1994) (executive producer)
• Hi-Octane (1995) (executive producer)
• Genewars (1996)
• Dungeon Keeper (1997) (project leader/designer)”

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