Philip Rosedale


Philip Rosedale is the founder and CEO of Linden Labs responsible for Second Life which creates new form of joint experience where users live together in a virtual world in 3D landscape and construct the world around them.

Philip Rosedale was chief technology officer of RealNetwork where he started the development and use of stream media technologies, such as RealVideo.


In 1999, Rosedale quit RealNetworks and launched Linden Lab which was called after a road in Hayes Valley. The establishment of Second Life fulfilled his ultimate vision of design an Internet level virtual world. Philip Rosedale developed Second Life as he sought to create a masterpiece that stands for the world in microcosm.


In the summer 2010, he stated that he returned to the organisation as chief executive of Linden Labs. Nevertheless, in October 2010, Rosedale later declared he was leaving his place of interim CEO.

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