According to Wikipedia, "Picasa" is a blend of the name of Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, the phrase mi casa for "my house" and "pic" for pictures (personalized art).


Picasa is a free tool that allows you to editing and organizing your photos using free software on Google, which is indeed much towards present. Picasa is a program that runs on Windows and other difference windows and it can be downloaded from http://picasa.google.com/.

When you mount Picasa, it ask if you desire to scan your workstation completely, otherwise if you just want to clear the computer, files, documents plus folders. It is advisable to limit your export to only individuals folders if you have more than one hard disk, or you're been store digital photos in strange places.

As soon as Picasa scans your workstation completely, you will receive temporary Internet accounts and graphics from workstation programs, and other images that you may have in your photo album. You are able to eliminate the accounts shortly, but this is not the easiest to bring in the original place. You can also bring in photos straight from your digital camera, which is an easy way to keep your folder well the organized since the beginning.

Organize Your Photos

Picasa will sort out your photos in date and stored in the arrangement of the first file name on the hard disk. Important areas to show thumbnails of your images and the right side of the navigation bar. The Library of thumbnails groups the folders together, but all of this is image is showing. And that means that it will not put pressure on the information several times to move to the new file, which is a pleasant feel. You know how to shift the thumbnail images from one folder to another straight from Picasa, and verify and after that transfer the file to your hard drive. An easy way to organize albums and digital images.


This is one of the best tools I saw a picture at any price. Integration with other Google products, and shopping, Blogger and YouTube, and this are a good thing really should not be associated with an image processor for printing. Picasa presents a comparison with iLife on the Apple, and it is really positive. Version of Mac OS is still in experimental stage, but it is also worth study. If you have digital images, I would certainly recommend Picasa for anyone to use.


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