Milo and Kate (Project Milo)


Milo and Kate was meant to be a game, a project developed by Lionhead Studios, which the player would interact directly with Milo, a virtual lonely boy who would be the player's imaginary friend.

The Lionhead Studios producer Peter Molyneux brought a fantastic and intrigued revelation, the Milo project (Milo and Kate) would be used with Kinect (Xbox 360 platform) but before the Kinect was launched, the project had a cancelled status, despite never been cancelled by Lionhead Studios. The drama director of Milo and Kate, John Dower, made available the pre-production video of the game and how they captured scenes of the game.

Pre-production video of the game


Milo and Kate Production lasted about three years until the possible cancellation. Milo was beyond than a simple tech-demo and it might be finished or not finished, it is a shame that a very innovative game was put back on the shelf.


Project Milo

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