Richard Stallman

Richard Matthew Stallman, known to use an alias which are the initials of his full name RMS, often used on his own personal site, is a well known Software Freedom Activist and Computer Programmer. He was born in the United states on March 16th 1953, in the state of New York City, New York. He soon went into higher education in year 1971, attending Harvard University in June as a first year but then dropping out a while afterwards. In the year of 1983 around September, Stallman was the man behind the launch of the GNU Project, to be able to fully make use and appreciate free software available to the public and to avoid using any software that wasn't open and free to the world. Along with the launch of the GNU Project he also began the free software movement two years after in October and founded a corporation known as the Free Software Foundation to coincide with his new social and political movement.

Stallman was the first to create the concept of copyleft, a catchy new creation on the word of Copyright. He is also the man responsible for the creation of several copyleft licenses including a well known license called the GNU General Public license.

Personal Life

Stallman has dedicated himself into political and software activism since leaving the University of Harvard in 1975, he has always claimed that he has no ambition or not much care for wealth and had explained in an interview that he had always lived the life of a student "living cheaply".

Stallman was very sceptical about the use of the technology that goes on around him, he has claimed that he has never owned a mobile phone, which he thinks people are putting their privacy at risk due to the tracking of mobiles. He also avoids using his key cards to enter buildings and doesn't normally browse the web on his laptop, instead he receives fetched pages from his inbox and claims websites use the information from web browsers to process information the user.

GNU Project

Richard Stallman was the man behind the beginning of the GNU Project, he announced the plan for the project in September 1983.

Two years afterwards, Stallman published an article known as the GNU Manifesto, within the article he had stated his intentions for creating the free operating software formally known as GNU which he announced will be compatible with Unix. It was after that when he first created the non-profit corporation formally known as the Free Software Foundation, to recruit free software programmers and provide a legal infrastructure into the political movement of the free software movement.

Software Activist

Throughout his years as a free software activist, Richard Stallman has been a strong political campaigner for the free software movement. Since the 90's he has maintained a strong political advocacy for free software and by sharing his points and ethical ideas of the free software movement. He has been able to persuade many by having them swap their Windows operating system into a "free" operating system and he was always against software patents and what he calls the "dangerous extension of copyright laws". He once gave a speech in India, in the state of Kerala which was addressed to the government about his thinking on free software and was positively received. It went so well that they took a sudden turn and decided to switch over 10,000 of the countries school computers from Windows to a free software operating system.

Stallman had travelled the world and visited many places where he would give his speeches and lectures to many and share his thoughts and ideas on why software should be free and about the free software movement. He has met important figures in the countries that he visited to explain his ideas and values, again all of the feedback on his speeches had been positive and well received.



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