Role playing

What is it:

This is a form of acting or performing whereby a person assumes the reality or behaviour of something else either through intentional judgements or unconscious reactions. Role playing can be described as a form of acting defines it as “A therapeutic technique, designed to reduce conflict in social situations, in which participants act out particular behavioural roles in order to expand their awareness of differing points of view.”

People participate in role playing to re-enact a scenario or situation which can take place in real time, in physical interactions such as job interviews or even performing in shows and theatre. These role playing acts helps us to understand how we tackle real life situations and how we react to these stimuli.

Role playing comes in many forms such as theatrical role playing, environmental role playing and even online role playing involving virtual games. The most common type of role play is when you want to rehearse or practise a social setting which you want to prepare for and role playing will help you to see where you went wrong and improve your abilities and performance when you do actually visit that social situation you planned for in the first place.

Another popular type of role playing comes from military and army type roles where they help you in increasing your combat skills in training sessions and exercises. This method uses a computer to aid the person on their training skills and sharpens their judgements. Some examples could include weapons firing and emergency drill practice.

In society

Children in school and college use role play as a method of learning for example as a tool for historical re-enactment such as medieval history and other eras of the past like the Vikings. In modern times people have been succumbed to wrestling and their tactics to wow the audience however many do forget that it is a form of role playing. The actors or wrestlers assume a role sometimes good and sometimes bad. They then wrestle and it sells to the masses, even though it’s not real but a form of acting. In the corporate world human resource department may use role playing techniques as a method of teaching new staff how to behave and react in the office or work environment.

As a source of entertainment, role playing has been depicted in virtual games so that the user can assume a person or character and create an ongoing profile or story board. The decisions that the user makes in the game affects the very story and the way the game develops and is manipulated by the affects of these decisions. Role playing online gives you a face to hide from, basically you don’t want to show your real identity and so role playing helps you to presume a role which you are not in real life but you can be in an online presence.


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