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Role Playing Game can be defined as a game that must, totally have three elements. The first one is a statistical setup for characters that describe certain skills and aspects of that character. Role playing games (RPG) are set in quite open environments that allow the person paying to choose from many possible paths, and often comprise side quests not necessary to the competition of the main goal. Secondly, Role playing game (RPG) must have some method of increasing and support those statistics also Role playing game (RPG) must have a menu-driven combat system that utilizes the skills/aspects of the characters. Also known, there are other elements of RPGs that leave out because of their clear nature; these are the elements that are necessary for a game to be labelled role playing game (RPG).


When it comes to RPG’s there are many different types, such as Tabletop, Live action, Electronic Media (Single-player) and Multiplayer-player. The beginning of RPG’s started from using rule sets of the fantasy wargames which took place in the 1970’s which then led onto the modern RPG’s. With every RPG games it starts off with a new character and from there and then you then will have to find out who they are this will create the outline for the whole story of the RPG game.


The way Tabletop RPG’s are played are with pen and paper, where a group of people come together and form a discussion. At the beginning of the game GM starts the game by explaining what the game type will be and all of its inhabitants. The rest of the players in the group therefore come up with their own character along with their characteristics of their choice, this will be decided either by the GM or the game system. Most popular Tabletop RPG is Dungeon & Dragons (D&D).

Live Action

Live action Role-Playing is abbreviated as LARP, this is where a group of people come together to play a live action scene where they act out their character who they wished to be. With the character they have designed they enter a real world environment that has been designed just for them which will represent a game world.

Electronic Media

From the big success of the first RPG’s Tabletop, then moved onto a new electronic format. This then started the role-playing genre; give us game such as final fantasy, Pokemon, Dragon Quest etc. The games listed above are all forms of single-player games where they are all based on settings and game mechanics.


The Massively multi-player online role-playing games (MMORPG), this is when a large scale is able to interact with one another.

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