Sig is short for signature. It is also known as signature block, sig file, siggy or dot sig.

It is a piece of text that appears at the bottom of an email message, article pages or discussion pages.

A logo can also be included with the text. The content of a sig can contain the “poster's name, phone number and email address, along with other contact details if required, such as URLs for sites owned or favoured by the author. A quotation is often included (occasionally automatically generated by such tools as fortune), or an ASCII art picture”1

The sig should be easy to read, not too small and a good colour so that it does not affect those who are colour blind.

You never use another person’s signature.

Here is an example:

John Smith
Owner/Managing Editor
The Car Company
London, E17 5PP
Voice: 0207 476 5555
Fax: 0207 476 5556
Email: moc.ynapmoc-rac|snhoj#moc.ynapmoc-rac|snhoj
Web site:

To create a sig with a graphic the following website is very helpful:


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