Skype software is a speech-over-web Protocol and software program originally formed by Nikolas Zennstom, and ran by the company Microsoft since 2010.
Program agrees to users to converse with peers by speech, web cam, and IM over the World Wide Web. Telephone calls may be located to receivers on the customary phone booth networks. Calls to other registered people within the Skype program are at no cost, while calls to home telephones and cell phones are charged via a debit card system. Skype has also turned out to be popular for its supplementary features, including file transport, and video conferencing. Skype competitors are SIP and H.323-based programs, for example Empathy, Linphone, Ekiga in addition to the Google Talk service.
Currently there are 663 million Skype users as of November 2011.The system is managed by Microsoft, which have its Skype division center of operations in Luxembourg. The majority of the development group and 44% of the complete workers of the division are positioned in the offices of Estonia

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