Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is the term used to describe Internet users sharing content through the means of referencing rather than a direct link to the content itself. In other words, it is the means of having a system of links to content and for a user to search what they are looking for at their own will.

How it works

There are a lot of journals and blogs on the Internet with information that the audience that they are attracting cannot reach or cannot be found. Social bookmarking allows users to link content such as journals and blogs to relevant places and people. This is done in the use of a social bookmarking website (a popular website for social bookmarking is Delicious).


No link to real content

Because there is no link to actual content, it allows a user to see what else is available or check to see if the location is correct. The possibility of connecting to the wrong file is minimised.


Bandwidth is cut down as to not instantly load content when a link is clicked.

Collection of similar interests

You can view similar interests posted by other users, giving you a wide variety of links.


Lack of organisation/No moderation

Although anything can be linked, the possibility of wrong or unwanted content arises, which could even breach some Internet laws.

No link to real content

Links can be made to content that is not actually mentioned (coinsiding with lack of management mentioned above).

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