Social On-Line Storage

What is social on-line storage?

Wikipedia defines Social on-line storage as storage applications that are available on the internet. These applications contain tools that allow capturing and storing communication, these can be written, or they can be videos and audios. The interactive tools handle the interactions and maintain a connection between users.

A more focused definition of social on-line storage

Social on-line storage allows users to store their files online safely; the files are stored in a place for you; these files can be accessed at any time. The files can be shared with others for example members of your group, therefore it supports group interaction. Some on-line storage applications allow you to encrypt your files for added protection.

Benefits of social on-line storage

• Data can accessed from anywhere at any given time.
• Data can be shared amongst friends and co-workers, sharing of music is also possible.
• No need to carry it with you, for example a USB or an external hard drive, it’s in the cloud.

Disadvantages of using social on-line storage

• Although some applications are free to use up to a certain point, others come at a price. Extra storage space can be costly.
• If the social on- line storage application suddenly goes bust, all data will be lost unless it has been backed up elsewhere too. So there can be a loss of service. In some cases you may need your files instantly and the company may be going under maintenance so the application may be shut temporarily.
• Social on-line storage application may claim to be secure and safe, but any business is subject to hackers testing the security of the company.

Applications that offers social on-line storage - Free service, Includes 5GB of space, Offers backup facilities, synchronising your files online and on more than one computer, sharing files with selected friends or work colleagues, all files are secured – Wuala the provider cannot access your files. - Free service, allows photos, documents and videos to be uploaded and shared, extra space can be purchased, integrated with mobile phones and tablets. - 1GB free space, upload any files, offers sharing to public, friends or private. Discover other user’s public files and watch videos and photos.


Social on-line storage are becoming very popular, many students and employees/employers make use of it. I believe the movement in technology has equipped us and facilitated our everyday lives. It makes me wonder what is soon going to happen to our good old loyal USB’s which some of us still use. Part of me believes they will soon fade away, but I sense that we have grown so close to them and gained trust using them in our lives that maybe we will never be able to let go of them completely. Although USB don’t allow sharing, which is a great disadvantage, it begs the question are we prepared to completely let go of USB and faithfully trust social on-line storage.


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