Social Software


Social software contain interactive and communication tools which are mainly used within the internet. Some of the communication tools handle many different aspects of communication such as the presentation and storing of your communication. Some of the interactive tools include communication between users so make sure people are connected with each other.

Examples of Social software

There are many different types of social software available in which I will list a few below
-Blogs- Basically they are an online web log describing about any personal topics, daily life and much more
-forums- This is basically a place for users to post topics on a relevant subject so then different users can answer the questions and review them.
-virtual worlds- This is another world within the internet in which you are pretending to be someone else such as an avatar in an online multiplayer game.
-chat software- Something like MSN Messenger in which you can stay in touch and contact people online


Advantages of social software
-Wide range of interaction from lots of users
-Widely used


Disadvantages of social software
-There could be bullying online
-Some of the software is unavailable for a certain amount of people from different countries

More Information

You can look at some of these websites to find out more about Social Software and there uses within the internet.

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