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A survey is a data gathering tool used to collect information in relation to individuals. Surveys are usually used in psychology research to gather information from study contributors.

The survey can be done in a different ways. One process recognises as a prearranged interview, the researcher asks each contributor the questions. Other way is through questionnaire, the contributor fills out the survey individually.

Surveys are usually regulated to make sure that they have consistency and validity. Additionally, regulation is essential so that the end results can be simplified to the larger population.

Advantages of Surveys

• Surveys permit researchers to gather a great quantity of information in a fairly small period of time.

• Surveys are cheaper than numerous additional information collection techniques.

• Surveys can be produced fast and administered simply.

• Surveys can be utilise to gather data on a wide range of stuffs, including personal facts, attitudes, past behaviors and opinions.

Disadvantages of Surveys

• Despite all the benefit, there are some disadvantages of surveys and these include the following.

• Poor survey structure and managing can weaken otherwise well-designed studies.

• The respond choices offered on a survey may not be a correct reflection of how the contributor truly feels.

• Although random sampling is usually utilised to choose contributors, response rates can bias the outcomes of a survey.

Forms of Survey information gathering

There are numbers of way information can be gathered for survey. These include the following.

• Mail – survey can be mail to people to gather information.

• Telephone – survey can be done through telephone as well. For instance, telephone survey would be a market research call concerning your experiences with a type of product.

• Online – this can be done through many online sites such as survey monkey, Google or even Facebook can be use to collect data.

• At home interviews – interviews at home can be use to collect data for survey such U.S. Census is a superior example of an at-home interview survey.

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