A talker in computer terms is a program or a communication system similar to Cat chat or internet chatting whereby users can use it to talk or chat to each other using an internet connection. Sometimes talker can be described as an online virtual world as it allows multiple users to connect to the software and communication to each other at the same time.


Talker was developed by Washington High School students Todd Klause and Mark Jenks between 1983 and 1984. Mark and Todd wrote a program allowing a group of students to talk to each other using the software program they wrote.

They tried to use different software but mostly they used PDP-11. It was Mark who found the talk program of PDP-11 and discussed with Todd to do that program much better.

How Talker works

Talker works in a similar way to how Paltalk Messenger works because it allows the registered users to communicate via video chat, voice chat and or instant messaging.

Users have to log into the program or software so that to have a private chat, then when the
Registered user logged in and connected, he or she can enter the virtual chat or virtual space in order to chat with other online users.

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