“The concepts of telerobotics, and more generally teleoperation extension of human sensing and manipulating capability by coupling through communication means to artificial sensors and actuators are discussed, along with related concepts of telepresence, robotics and supervisory control” (Sheridan, 1989).


Telerobots are machines which can be remotely controlled and monitors by humans using a technology called supervisory control. In most cases they are used in place of actual humans in situations considered to be a high risk if exposed to humans. Sheridan in his 1989 article on telerobotics states that they communicate irregularly with computers about goals, restrictions, assumptions and orders related to the goal which is restricted. They then execute tasks based on the information supplied by the user or operator and its artificial intellect


Telerobots are vastly used in multi-various disciplines examples of such disciplines are

  • Astronaut: Robots that are sent into space
  • Marine: Remotely operated vehicles

Reading List.


  • Sheridan TB(1989) , Telerobotics
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