Text Messaging



Text messaging also known as SMS refers to sending a short message electronic on more mobile phones, fixed or portable devices over a phone network. The abbreviations SMS stands for short messaging service the advance in technology has permitted the services to be extended in sending pictures, music, video and so worth which is known as MMS.


Businesses and public services exploit the benefits of texting services; companies like Argos, PC world and Housing associations use text messaging to keep their customers informed of product availability, delivery expected date and time, promotions, property repairs and so forth by a simple text directly to the customer device. This ensures customers are being made aware of the happening through their devices wherever they are which bets sending letters in terms or reliability and costs.

General practitioners have also benefited from these services they have seen a fall in the number of patients not turning up for appointments due to texting. Patients do not have to rely on the appointment card which sometimes gets lost before the appointment date; they are sent a text message reminding them of their appointment a few days prior to their appointment. Schools have also embraced the text messaging services in order to keep parents informed of the activities taking place in school and so fourth.

Conversely, with every good thing there is a flip of the coin; texting messaging has brought about a generation of illiteracy in the way they communicate and written work. Texting has become even more shorter and quicker with the use of abbreviation such examples like “c u L8tr”, “2morro”, “2day”, “Lol”, “BBS”, BBT and many more has impacted our oral and written communication.

Other disadvantages include the ease of gossip spreading especially among our young generation with more and more children owning a mobile phone and the age is getting younger bullying via texting can take place at a faster rate than waiting for the break time bell to ring. Furthermore texting has been exploited in order to cheat under exams conditions.



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